long-limbed and lengthwise,
         in repose, upon my bed
               less and less the dark silhouette
                     at play, within my head
eyes lachrymal and cerise
         limbs argent, adorned
               an angel child with the devil's will
                     carved sibyl heart, and lithic born
reprobate, I wait unturned
          in my sanguineous desire
               to rest my head against the breast
                     and await the funeral pyre


5 Responses to “pygmalion”

  1. Robin Says:


    Thank you..

  2. Beth Says:

    I like this bit, “less and less the dark silhouette, at play within my head,” particularly.

  3. selkie Says:

    I like the use of vocabulary to paint a picture … the black silhouette lightening to silver, colours used to paint images. Lovely.

  4. moonheart Says:

    Deep! As i wrote before; i love your writings very, very much. Thank you again.

  5. Christina Says:

    What a wonderful poet you are.
    Have you ever been published?

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