destination unreachable

All good things come to end; then again, so do all simply decent, mediocre, and absolutely abysmal things.

No, the blog isn't closing, but:

In the last two and a half years, I've shared a bit of my past, scribbled a few poems, experimented with giving voice to my words in audio posts. I've written about my thoughts on life, people, and domination. But recently, my writing, which often follows a set of themes or symbols that have meaning to me, is not saying anything new.

I am dangerously close to becoming a caricature of myself.

That idea is irksome.

Rather than dilute any further my thoughts and ideas,  I am going to forgo writing about them until I have something interesting and new to say.

I'll still be here; I'm just not going to be posting on a regular basis.

4 Responses to “destination unreachable”

  1. ~January~ Says:

    I am sorry to hear this as I so enjoy your voice, both literary and spoken. Be well!


  2. orchidea Says:

    Thank you for your words. Take care and travel well.

    orchidea xxx

  3. lea Says:

    You are the author.. owner and as such.. of course, go and recharge.

    It will be very strange not to see new words here.

    I’m sorry to see this chapter close.

    All the best in the future~

  4. Christina Says:

    Well, at least I can read your past entries and make comments.
    I made an attempt to listen to your voice postings, alas to no avail.
    One always needs to recharge their engeries.

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