flight school

Iron Eagle was a horrible 80s movie. Horrible, and yet I must have watched it three of four times while growing up.

There is a scene in the movie where the lead character, a young kid with a chip on his shoulder, is having difficulty hitting targets while out test-flying an F-16. That is, until he puts on his headphones, slips his mix-tape into the cassette recorder, and zones out to Queen and Twisted Sister. After that, the bad guys don't stand a chance.

We've all been there. Jamming out in the car or dancing naked while cleaning the house. We find that place where the music is pure adrenaline. It gets into our blood stream and shakes loose our inhibitions and restraints.


Prayer being a recent theme to my thoughts and writing, this song feels appropriate. It's one of my recent favorites.

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A3, Too Sick To Pray

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  1. ashes Says:

    Not really my kinda music, but I do think it’s rather catchy. God knows I love my music, more than almost anything. I am never not listening to it.

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