Warm Embrace

You will have your way, my eyes closed and head back, leaning forward to rest warm hands on your breasts, the thin fabric of your shirt, a tease, a layer that promises rather than protects your naked skin. Fingers find nipples, twist lightly, feel them harden against my palms.

You are fucked, taking me all the way into your mouth and throat as I press closer to the edge of the bed.

You are fucked, my body shivering against your touch. My hair falling across my face as I breath deeply.

You are fucked, and I grip your shoulders to steady myself as I slide between your warm lips.

You are fucked, and I am embraced.

2 Responses to “Warm Embrace”

  1. Oblivion Says:

    Well that did it for me!!!

    I do believe I need a long hot shower now to “help” release some pent up sexual energy!!!


  2. lea Says:

    Oh my.. another delicious moment.. sigh.. back to bed..

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