Dancing, Dancing

I wish I could dance.

I will let you in on one my guilty pleasures. “So You Think You Can Dance”*. I didn’t think this would be a show I would enjoy, but between watching the pasa doble and the zombie-inspired dance that opened a recent episode* – well, I have become a fan. But this isn’t about a reality television show. It is about dancing itself.

Dancing can be highly ritualized. It can be free-flowing and organic. But no matter the form, the expression is the same – sex and violence, love and hate, separation and discovery; the fall and the redemption.

We respond to dancing the way we respond to music. Where a good book may leave a lasting impression, dancing gets under the skin the moment you are part of it.

Watching someone dancing makes me want to get dirty. Dancing is the way sex is meant to be.

* To see this, go to www.waderobson.com, click on ‘so you think you can dance’ at the top, and then select ‘ramalama’.

5 Responses to “Dancing, Dancing”

  1. lea Says:

    Hmmm not all of us use MAC.. so I couldnt see it.. but I know exactly what you mean about dancing.. I dance very well.. and it is the most erotic thing in the world sometimes.. with the right partner and the right music . It can be heaven!!

  2. Magdelena Says:

    (lea – I don’t use a Mac either but it played fine for me. Try again with the latest version of Quicktime and you should be fine)

    I’ve not slept and in this dull state have little regard for things cerebral but a huge receptivity for visceral and physical knowledge so viewing this was a delight. You know my passions and the seamless ways they connect so your words on sex, violence, love and dance all hit their mark.

    Incidentally, I don’t watch tv at all but we have a show called ‘Come Dancing’ (which may even be the inspiration behind ‘So you think you can dance’ because I’m aware the idea as well as Cat Deeley were imported to your land) but I do watch that. Autumn sees a new series and I am quietly excited about it.

    Dancing, writing and fucking are my unholy trinity.

  3. Crimson Says:

    That was pretty cool :)

  4. introspectre Says:

    Fascinating. I’ve often thought sex is the way dancing was meant to be.
    Flip side of the spinning coin.
    Personally, I can safely say that I can dance as if I were seducing the moon to fall into the sea. Or the sun to rise. Or the stars to burn. Not currently, but usually. And I’ll admit this quietly: most of the time, I find it is better than sex.
    Oh, yes.

  5. introspectre Says:

    Oh- LINUX won’t allow the link.

    And Magdelena, how could that POSSIBLY be unholy?

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