Someone made this comment the other day, after reading a bit of my writing:

“That sounds like a lot of overdramatic bullshit.”



It is.

It’s a truism I’ve been accused of before. In fact, there are time I read my own writings and think, “Who could actually buy into all this?”

I do.

I actually believe in what I write. I believe, with hunger and intent, that I create those moments where reality conforms to the dark places I conjure with my words. Where the ruined cities and dark forests of my mind take on form. And knowledge supplants belief, for I have lived, over and over again, those moments. I have seen the manifestation of my hungers in the eyes of another.

My writing is an extension of my thoughts and desires – not the genesis of them. Do not be fooled by my overly-honed sense of the dramatic. That is simply an indulgence of mine, and not indicative of the solidity of the truth it harbors. The colorful dressing for a beautiful and horrible thing.

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D’jaevle, Life

3 Responses to “Overdramatic”

  1. lea Says:

    For me, it is obvious you have seen what you write.
    I love the colorful dressing.. I love the words..
    Keep on being overly dramatic and indulgent! You know the truth.. who cares what another says.

  2. Princessc Says:

    Beautiful dressings are needed, as beautiful and horrible things repel until you get to know them. Then the beauty unfolds, and what was horrible is now desired.

    It is good to let the honestry out, so please, continue, it is very much appreciated. In a world such as ours, unvarnished honesty is hard to come by.


  3. introspectre Says:

    What would that reader prefer, a watered down bland version of the way you experience life?

    You! Cranky! Shut the hell up.

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