Unverbalized Intent

What speaks to you strongest, the written word or the spoken?


Lips part to inhale your scent
absorb your taste
until you become liquor
absinthe in absence

It is a deliberate act
this devouring of your space
your outline
your presence

but it is the space of you
I fear most
the void you occupy
your potential to be

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Winter Rain: written by D’jaevle, spoken by Twyla

4 Responses to “Unverbalized Intent”

  1. silent myst Says:

    By far, the spoken word spoke to me the strongest … words pouring out of my laptop in the silence of a chill room … beauty.

  2. Tess Says:

    While I love voices. and Twyla’s is very, very lovely and evocative, I prefer the written word which I can take at my own pace and savor over and over again. Though your words whispered in my ear would be preferable.

  3. lea Says:

    Always have preferred the spoken words . They have an intimacy of a voice.. a person behind them that the written word lacks .

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Voice can totally contradict spoken words simply because each one of us perceived it differently. A sweet soothing one could sounds harsh and mean to another. So I prefer written words so I get to choose the voice to go with it.