bedtime stories (from a friend)

The best stories are written by those you know.

About you.


I know where you keep your extra key. I let myself into your house and went upstairs to your study. I undressed and knelt. Then, I waited.

I was there, kneeling on crimson carpet, when you walked in. My body bared except for the red lace panties. You didn’t see me at first, but slowly, you turned, and our eyes met. I heard your breath catch and saw my downfall in your eyes.

“What are you doing here?” you asked.

“Waiting. For you.”

“Are you sure?” you question.

“Yes.” I am sure.

I blink and you are in front of me. You run your hand through my hair, and with a handful of hair, tilt my head back, exposing my neck. You wrap your other hand around my neck and squeeze. “I can feel your pulse.” you say, “It is racing.” I agree, “Yes.”

You release my neck and walk away. You go to your cabinet, the one where you keep your toys. You pull out a long length of rope and walk back to me. “Stand.” I stand. “Give me your hands.” I hold them out in front of me.

You grasp my hands and tie them together. You stretch my arms high above my head and push me back against the door. You run the rope up, over the door, back down, and tie it to the door knob on the other side. You command, “Spread your legs.” I spread my legs. “Very good.” you murmur.

You return to your cabinet and pull out a long piece of red silk. You stand in front of me. “Still sure?” you ask.

“Yes.” my response. You tie the silk around my eyes. I hear you walk away.

I hear rustling and then a soft tinkling sound. You pinch my nipple. Hard, just short of painful. I feel you bite my breast , then your teeth are on my nipple. Sucking, biting. Your hand moves to my other breast, and pinches my nipple. I groan. I feel wetness seep into my panties.

You pull back, and I feel you attach nipple clamps; the ones with the bells. You tug firmly on each one, and it’s almost too much.

“You know”, you say, “I had plans tonight.” I hear you walk away and begin to type on your keyboard. Music begins to play. It’s erotic, with a slow, hard beat. You type more, and then are quiet. I hear nothing but the music. Your silence stretches. It’s almost unbearable. I hear you turn in your chair. I feel your eyes on me. I feel exposed. I want to close my legs, cover my breasts. I start to squirm. “Stay still.” you order. I still, and I feel your hand on my stomach.

You slowly caress my stomach and let your hand fall to my waist. You let it rest there for a minute, then it moves down, then further down, and pushes my panties aside. Your fingers are in me. I am ready. I hear the sloppy sounds your hand makes as your fingers push in and out of me. I am so close to the edge. I thrust my hips forward. I’m begging you to touch me there. Just a touch, small circle, and I’ll be there. But you don’t.

You pull away. Silence.

I hear you sit down and resume typing. I’m almost undone. I want to beg you to finish. You stop typing and I can feel your eyes on me.

“Time to get rid of these.” you say. I can hear you come closer. I feel metal against my hip as you cut away my panties. You suck in your breath and say, “Much better.”

I can feel you, standing, inches from me. I try to lean into you. Try to show you what I want. I start to move my legs. You slap my leg. “Stay put” you command. I stop. I can feel your hand on my hip. You caress my ass, squeeze it, and then come back around to the front. You move your hand slowly down to cup my pussy. I am so wet. You move away.

Then I feel it, almost a delayed reaction. You have your crop. You slap my breasts, first one then the other. “I love the sound the bells make.” you say. I twitch, ringing the bells, as you slowly work your way down my torso, under my breasts, across my belly. Then you stop. I’m on fire. I need.

You use the crop and hit, hard, my thighs, and then you are there. You hit my clit, quickly, three times. “Please.” I beg. “Please, what? What do you want” is your response. “Please. I want to cum.” I say. Suddenly your mouth is there, sucking, licking, biting, and I’m lost in sensation. Sweet release. I can feel wetness running down my thigh. After an eternity, you step back.

I feel you untie the rope and quickly I am bent over your desk. You kick my legs apart. “Stay” you command. I wouldn’t move. I’m exactly where I want to be.

I feel soft leather trail over my back. Then, thwack. “I’m going to make you very, very, red.” You say. You flog me. You work your way down my back, over my butt and down my thighs. My skin is fire, sensitized.

You stop and I hear you unzip your pants and you are in me. You pound into me. Hard. Fast. Fuck. Oh fuck.

You stop. You take off my blindfold. “Get on your knees.” you order. I kneel. “Suck my dick.” I open my mouth. I lathe your penis with my tongue. I work my mouth up and down, sucking hard. I pause to lick your thigh, your testicle. Then your penis is in my mouth again. I cup your balls with my hand, caress them, squeeze them. You curse and pull me back to my feet.

You remove each nipple clamp. The pain is exquisite. I am lost in sensation.

You push me back to the desk, and push my torso down. My breasts are flat against your desk. You hold me down and push into me. You are relentless. You pound and pound until you climax. You slowly withdraw from me.

I cannot move. I am wrecked.

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