Ornate key

For the most part, people aren’t captured by an idea that is entirely foreign to them. The words that hit us the hardest, that stay with us, are those that manage to clarify and illuminate thoughts that we are already intimately familiar with. These words are a key that fit a lock we’ve been carving inside ourselves for a long time.

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  1. lea Says:

    As usual, you are right on the money.

    When those words hit.. !flash!. the bulb clicks on and we can see for a moment and revel in the fact that someone else knew how to make those feelings clear.

    The key clicks in the lock.. we are freed for a moment or a lifetime~

  2. Ki Two Says:

    How accurately spoken. Or typed. Very nice, I think your words themselves are examples of the message you are conveying.

  3. The Occasionally Cruel One Says:

    I had this experience with a concept I read about in Jean Shinoda Bolen’s “Crossing to Avalon”. She wrote about something she called liminality… the stage where you are no longer what you were, but are not yet what you are to become. It’s that feeling of anticipation, like you’re standing at a threshold, and destiny is just on the other side of the door. I’ve always been keenly aware of those stages in my life (which have been frequent… I’m in one now, I think) and that word really summed it up well, for me.

    My liminality seems to last forever… I think it’s defective, and I should return it for a new one. But on the other hand, to stagnate is to die, so maybe life should be just one liminality phase after another. Becoming, then changing, then becoming again. Constant chrysalis.

  4. Tess Says:

    I love that term, liminality, Cruel One.

    And I know the feeling of being on the cusp of something very well. You know something has somehow changed in your mind and you sort of wait for it to make itself known in your actions.

    And constant chrysalis, very lovely image for change.

  5. selly Says:

    Very true.

    It’s amusing how suddenly you can be struck by those words, when it seems as if your whole life has been spent looking for them, for that clarification, for that agreement, that elaboration. You take that key and lovingly thrust it inside of yourself, turn it, click it – it fits.

    You always knew what would fit you, what you needed. But what a surprise, to find a key that works.

  6. m Says:


  7. The Occasionally Cruel One Says:

    Thanks Tess! :)

    On a completely different note… Valentine’s Day sucks. :P

  8. Tess Says:

    Another Valentine’s Day basher! I am immune to it at the moment. At any rate we have another year before it makes it’s dastardly appearance again. You can be better prepared next year.

  9. Introspectre Says:

    You never fail to impress me.


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