silly kit

hurry, kitten
down the slope
but slip and fall
without a rope
you’ll tumble free
into a lake
and wet you’ll be
for heaven’s sake

2 Responses to “silly kit”

  1. Arille. Says:


    I’m writing in to a few bloggers who I believe might know where I’d be able to find a certain blogger by the name of ‘Robert’.
    He used to blog at:

    Both of which are password protected now and he seems to have disappeared into thin air.

    It is very important that I find him. Would you or any of your fellow bloggers have a clue?

    Much, much appreciated. Sorry for the bother. Have a great day! :)

    Good day.

    P.S: Your ‘contact page’ sucks.

  2. D'jaevle Says:

    Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with those blogs and the fate of the writer. I do wish you the best, though.

    P.S. I know! I should just get rid of it and put up a gmail address.

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