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Posted in Poetry on August 26th, 2020 by D'jaevle

you like to hold
your cup
like it might
if I speak.

I noticed today
that you put
all the glassware
behind the cereal

so I’m waiting
to see
if you ask me
for milk.


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on my words
so delicately
upon your tongue

you are taught
to respect
by force

“what will you do
when my reach is so long
I can pluck your sins
like over-ripe cherries?”

your answer
is no answer at all
because you cannot speak
with my words
and burning
your mouth

blank spaces

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what if all the blank spaces
are just hiding places
for my devils?

and I fill this page with words
to overturn their homes
pluck them by their wings
and make them mine again

bright light

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you are
a bright light.
a soft curve

but forgiving

you are today’s delight

the space between each breath

and sometimes
breath itself

never enough

Posted in Poetry on February 8th, 2020 by D'jaevle

There is not enough of you.

Not enough of the special brand of mischief
your eyes promise.

Not enough of your promiscuous laugh
that has made itself so comfortably at home in my heart.

Not enough of your crooked smile,
or the map of your thighs in the morning
a lazy but confident promise
if only
I will stay in bed.

There is not enough of you.

so I stole your shadow from a sunny day
to shade me while I read

I convinced your reflection to follow me home
and watch me as I write.

There is not enough of you,
so I will write you into a line,
a poem
a book
a dream.

i see you breathe

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i steal
your breath

hungry heart

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there was a moment
when her eyes
met mine
that I

she would be

I would know her
through her
beautiful eyes

and she would know me
hungry heart

sins of the map-maker

Posted in Crimson Writ, Poetry on December 22nd, 2019 by D'jaevle

I know your curves.
I learned them the best way possible.
by touch and by taste.
with time and with hunger.
deliberate and slow.
swift and sure.

I mapped the contours of your body with intent and your curves remember me well; strong hands and parted lips left landmarks.

I left my poetry between your thighs and my scent upon your skin.

you are known, but not discovered; there are secrets left in the cleft of your thighs, and the rising rhythm of your breathe.

I know your curves.

But I want to know them better.

raised up

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from your knees
everyone seems

subjugation by decree
submission through the
eye of a needle

there is such beauty
in a head lowered
and eyes